LabourCalc Is A Simple And Easy To Follow Calculation Tool For Calculating The True Cost Of Labour.

LabourCalc Labour Cost Calculation Software
is an inexpensive tool that no Business should be without. Developed in conjunction with the business community, it has been specifically released with the contractor in mind.

LabourCalc may be a very simple program but is a powerful tool that no company that employs staff should be without. Often the question is asked “what is the true cost to employ someone”, which is often answered with a blank look. Apart from the hourly rate that an employee is actually paid there are a multitude of other factors that affect the cost of that employee.

Factors such as:

  • Holiday Pay
  • Public Holidays
  • Superannuation
  • Lost Time
  • Business Overheads
  • Administration

These plus more affect the calculation of true labour cost.

LabourCalc takes into calculation all of the relevant factors during the calculation procedure making sure you know exactly where you stand in relation to true labour cost.

It is important to understand the total hours you pay an employee are not the same amount of hours you can bill out. LabourCalc will show you exactly why this is the case and how these lost hours have affected your charge out time and your true labour cost.

LabourCalc 1 caters for the 1-2 man business looking to do a basic labour cost analysis whilst
LabourCalc 2 has all the features necessary to do full detailed labour costing.

FeaturesLabourCalc 1LabourCalc 2
Software Pricing$62.50 $249.00
Chargeable HoursYesYes
Employee AllowancesYesYes
Payroll CostsYesYes
Business OverheadsYesYes
Basic Lost Time CalculationYesYes
Multiple EmployeesNoYes
Employee TemplatesNoYes
Additional Lost Time EntriesNoYes
Additional Super ContributionsNoYes
Payroll Cost Liability ExclusionNoYes
Material ProfitsNoYes
Weighted Overhead Recovery NoYes
Pay Period OptionsNoYes

All pricing excludes GST and include 12 months support and maintenance

Remember: Know your True Labour Cost – Know your Bottom Line!

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