This is the tutorial section for our estimating package known as Espro7. Feel free to browse the entire volume of tutorials using the table below or select a category on the right.

Tutorial TitleCategory
Adding AssembliesAssemblies
Adding Blank ItemAssemblies
Adding Item CommentsAssemblies
Adding Item OverviewAssemblies
Adding PartsAssemblies
Adding PriceBook ItemAssemblies
Adding SectionsAssemblies
Copy & PasteAssemblies
Individual Tabs OverviewAssemblies
Export OverviewCompanies
Estimate CostsEstimate Summary
Front PageEstimate Summary
Gross Mark-upsEstimate Summary
Indirect LabourEstimate Summary
OverviewEstimate Summary
Schedule of Unit RatesEstimate Summary
Allocated HoursEstimate Summary
Summary SectionsEstimate Summary
Adding PriceBook ItemEstimates
Adding Blank ItemEstimates
Adding CommentsEstimates
Adding Items from TRASEREstimates
Adding Items OverviewEstimates
Adding Linked FilesEstimates
Adding SectionsEstimates
Adding Sub Assembly ItemEstimates
Adding Sub-ContractorsEstimates
Cut or Copy and Paste SectionsEstimates
Estimate CostsEstimates
Estimate DetailsEstimates
Estimate ListsEstimates
Inserting ItemsEstimates
Material Project Price - ManualEstimates
Material Project Price - Supplier ImportEstimates
Moving Sections or itemsEstimates
New EstimateEstimates
Schedule of Unit RatesEstimates
Column Adding & RemovingGeneral
Column OrderingGeneral
Column SizingGeneral
Company InformationGeneral
Create New UserGeneral
Espro 7 Feature PresentationGeneral
First LoginGeneral
Main Toolbar IconsGeneral
Moving Items Up or DownGeneral
Navigation BarGeneral
Reset User PasswordGeneral
System OptionsGeneral
TRASER ConnectionGeneral
Add Part SupplierParts
Add PartParts
Bulk UpdatingParts
Column GroupingParts
Delete ItemParts
Update Part PriceParts
Adding CommentsPriceBook
Adding EquipmentPriceBook
Adding Items OverviewPriceBook
Adding Material Item from PartsPriceBook
Adding Material ItemPriceBook
Adding SectionsPriceBook
Adding Sub-ContractorPriceBook
Default DiscountsPriceBook
Edit Material ItemPriceBook
Item OverviewPriceBook
Updating Linked Part PricesPriceBook
Updating Unlinked Part PricesPriceBook
Using Fixed CheckboxesPriceBook