Save Hours And Hours Of Tedious Manual Calculations With PowerPac…An Indispensable Tool Ensuring Accurate Calculations From AS3000 and AS3008.

PowerPac electrical calculation software

PowerPac is Australia’s most popular Electrical Calculation Software program designed to assist the user of the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3008.1:2009 and AS/NZS 3000:2007. It is designed to reflect the complex mathematical functions described in these Standards with the object of ensuring accuracy, consistency and reproducibility.

PowerPac incorporates tables directly from AS/NZS 3008.1:2009 & AS/NZS3000:2007 under license from Standards Australia.

Calculations Performed:

  • Cable Sizing Calculations
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Earth Fault Loop Calculations
  • Maximum Demand Calculations
  • Conduit Sizing Calculations

Keeping up with the vast changes and requirements of these standards has made the job of electrical Contractors, designers and installers more frustrating than ever before.

Now with three levels PowerPac raises the bar in electrical design software. PowerPac caters for the smallest of electrical contractors (PowerPac Lte) just wanting to check a cable size, right through to the largest contractor and engineer looking for more detailed solutions (PowerPac Pro).

** PowerPac Lte is now available for $147 ex GST **

Can you afford not to be using Australia’s most popular Electrical Calculation Software?

FeaturesPowerPac LtePowerPac StdPowerPac Pro
Special Pricing$299*$147*^$681*$1,119*
Single Cable CalcYesYesYes
Single Maximum DemandYesYesYes
Select PhasesYesYesYes
Volt Drop CalculationsYesYesYes
Earth Fault LoopYesYesYes
Cable Derating SelectionYesYesYes
Automatic Cable DeratingYesYesYes
Nominate Phases (Phase Locking)YesYesYes
Maximum Demand LibrariesYesYesYes
Power Factor CorrectionNoYesYes
Conduit SizingNoYesYes
Final Sub-CircuitsNoYesYes
Prospective Short CircuitNoYesYes
Short Circuit CalcNoYesYes
Prospective Earth Fault currentNoYesYes
Project – Network ModellingNo3 BoardsUnlimited
Multiple BoardsNo3 BoardsUnlimited
Supply DetailsNoUp to 210kVAYes
Transformer DetailsNoUp to 210kVAYes
MEN LinkNoMSB OnlyYes
Inc. Load Connected BoardsNoNoYes
Suggested Cable SolutionsNoNoYes
Maximum Demand TemplatesNoNoYes
Adjustable BreakersNoNoYes
Fault Limiting BreakersNoNoYes
Impedance SettingsNoNoYes
Detailed ReportingNoNoYes
Special Pricing $147* $347* $797*

Special pricing available till release of Version 7
Pricing includes free upgrade to version 7