Spearhead Software was established in 1987 and lives on the cutting edge of technology for software design and development. It’s flagship program PowerPac was originally designed and developed in conjunction with Standards Australia for doing the complex electrical calculations based on AS3000 and AS3008 including Cable Sizing Calculations, Voltage Drop Calculations, Earth Fault Loop Calculations, Maximum Demand Calculations and soon became Australia’s premier software program for doing these calculations.

Following the success of PowerPac, Spearhead Software worked in close consultation with the contracting industry and soon released our Espro software package for performing project based estimating and tendering. Espro was said to be “the best value estimating software” in Australia in one of the NECA software reviews and has increased it’s user base ever since.

Having a close working relationship with our clients and responding to their constructive feedback these two flagship programs have gone from strength to strength over the last 7 years. With the additions of LabourCalc and QuoteMate to the suite of software packages, Spearhead Software has become a market leader in the supply and development of software to the contracting and service industries.

Spearhead Software has also developed important relationships with companies that offer synergy with our products and are constantly working on adding new and innovative software to our list.

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