Take The Pain Out Of Running Your Contracting Business

Solutions to challenges that have serious impacts on productivity and profitability

That is what Spearhead Software’s Contracting and Service based clients require...it causes pain and they want relief from:

1.  Spending hours doing complex manual electrical calculations
2.  Juggling masses of spreadsheets for estimating and quoting
3.  Being tied to a desk when you should be onsite
4.  Worrying about the accuracy of estimates for time, quantities and pricing
5.  Wanting to get more productivity out of their team
6.  Not knowing what their real labour cost is and what they should be charging

Spearhead Software has been a source of pain relief for 20 years and has built a loyal group of Contracting and Service based companies right around Australia. Our Electrical Calculation Software (PowerPac), Electrical Estimating Software (Espro), Quoting Software (QuoteMate) and Labour Cost Estimating Software (LabourCalc) all simplify, increase productivity and produce fast, accurate results.

We provide ideal solutions for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, construction contractors, plumbing contractors ... in fact, any contracting or service based business that estimates, calculates, quotes or tenders for business.

Let Spearhead’s specialist products, friendly and expert service and time tested, trusted quality help you. Try our software packages for free and if you have any questions, give us a call so we can provide a solution to your pain...Call now on (08) 9495 8600 or click on the tabs at the top of the page to read more.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

We have been using Espro for our estimating for well over 10 years. The software is fast, accurate and very user friendly…. the additional projects we have won thanks to Espro have recouped our initial investment many times over.

— Mal Pearson, A B Tilbury

5 Reasons To Choose Spearhead

  1. Specialised Software for Contracting & Service based companies
  2. Fast Support turnaround times
  3. We Listen to all Client feedback and ideas for product upgrades
  4. University Qualified programmers with 40+ years experience
  5. Custom Development if needed